Hi guys!

Just wanted to share some more earrings with you. I’m just a beginner tatter so please be kind! Lol. The big red ones with the hanging chain/beads look so dramatic on .. Oh I love them on. So regal, so vintage :)
The circle earrings are crocheted though .. I call them “a go go” I love them. These WERE inspired by a rav desinger & they were crocheted together. I like hers, they are lovely. i just find shops & boutiques wont sell “hand made looking” stuff, they want the hand made but they want it just so. So im hopung by adjusting the circle pattern & using jump rings makes them more pilished. They are SO nice on. The circles move independently etc, so light.

The others are from OVW on YouTube .. I just whoosh over & grab you a linky poo! Just a mo …
Ok here is for the diamond tatted piece:

And here for the chandelier tatted piece.
It’s an Italian tutorial but if you’ve tatted before then you know there is only 1 stitch. And she now puts the stitch & picot count up on screen. So that’s been HUGE for me as I LOVE what this lady does .. I THINK it’s Daniela? Anyway I hope she continues to do this as her patterns are AWESOME!
You can find the tut for the chandeliers here:

I’ve also been working on some tatted edging onto a linen dinner napkin .. It could be a tea towl or what ever really.
I’m working myself up to do some black tatted edging on this white sheet set I got real cheap .. It’s going to look amazing if I can manage it!! Haha!
But really it’s so repeatative so you can just watch stuff on telly or the kids while doing it. Unless you’re doing a really complex edging. I’m just doing probably chains, just chains with 3 picots along it. That’s what I’ve done on the napkin & it sure does look great. I feel right at home with needle & thread & cloth .. It’s feels so old worldly & I feel transported back to another time. I even find myself thinking how would the “ladies” sit & or hold their needle etc? Haha. Interesting though.

So there we have it. Hope you like my beginner work. Hope you have fun making your own.

Get happy! .. Get hooked :p

Ok, so I haven’t been on in a while! Sorry! 

But .. I’ve been tatting both needle & shuttle .. Yes! I got the shuttle thing down .. ish ;) Still struggling with using 2 shuttles & using more than one colour. But practice practice PRACTICE!! And hopefully I can produce things like the vintage piece in the photo (green & white) This piece was given to me from a VERY generous lady that works at my chemist. Her Mother & Grandmother were prolific tatters & she found that piece & decided to give it to me. I was SO touched, such a surprise. So kind. It needs MAJOR TLC. I have just started blocking it. I’ve just managed to block 1 of the flower motifs .. It’s VERY crumpled  & needs attention badly. Just to block the 1 flower motif took 45 pins! Every picot & chain & loop.
So that’s that :) 
And .. I’ve ALSO got into hair pin lace!
The photo I included is just a swatch of my first try. Now I’m doing strips in #20 thread, looks amazing. I am going to attempt a lamp shade! Think 1920’s & 70’s lamp shades. Either it will be straight up & down or on a tapered shape ill gather it at the top and spread it down and out to the larger part of the shade. I don’t know if you can picture it? I intended to include a photo of the #20 thread strip on the loom.. Just filled my max photo count. So I’ll do a post on this prodject.
There is also my Scottie dog brooch!! Oh I LOVE it!! The pattern is on RAV. The free PDF is SO beautifully done & the pattern includes all sizes up to pillow size. Very generous of the designer.
Here is a link!

Just 2 more prodjects to mention.
The origami flower piece is a scaled down version of Lot 8’s window display. You can find the EASY to follow tutorial on YouTube! 
Here is a link.
You can make it ANY size, as large as you like & as small as you like. You can make a half ball which is great table piece or on a wall. 
I added the black pipe cleaners for stamen. You don’t have to of course.
The full ball is fabulous, hanging anywhere. Especially in different sizes & colours etc. Your imagination is your limit with this great piece of crafting.
Just 1 tip .. If you do a smaller one, you might need a tiny stapeler so you can get into the flowers & staple them together. I stapled some that aren’t as visable, and pain stakingly super glued the rest. 

Last prodject is my little owl! I luff him .. I know he ain’t perfect. But I know I can improve on the next one. They are SO quick to make & make great pressie’s. 
You can make it small or large, depending on your yarn & hook etc.
I’m not sure where I got the pattern .. Oh wait! I remember .. It’s on RAV but here is a direct link for you:

K, I think we are done! Congrats if you read this far! Lol! I DO see that posting smaller posts & doing more often would be better for my followers. It seems only blogspot that had long posts like this. On tumblr followers seems to prefer short & sweet.
So I will endeavour to do that ;)

Enjoy!! Get hooked! 

Just a few pics of what I’m up to.

Still crocheting Dont worry about that ;) 
But this tatting is SO addictive!! So as I’ve said I’ve been needle tatting. But I just did a HUGE thread & bits haul & I got myself a pair of shuttles! I had a go yesterday , seems do-able .. I thought it would just do my head in but it’s not to bad a part from the “flipping ” bit .. Arrghhh… Aaaaanyway.

I also purchased a hair pin lace loom, doing that right this minute .. Learning I mean. Pretty fun.

I got some BEAUTIFUL cotton from Heirloom, so I immediately had to make some little hearts to try out the new cotton.. I’ve waited WAT too long to get into 8ply cotton .. It’s BEAUTIFUL! So soft. I see why it’s so trendy.

And there is a bunch of tatted earrings I’m holding .. That was taken a week ago, there are now 8 times that many earrings! Ill show proper pics with links on how to make them in next post.

And then there is the ring I was finally able to make in the correct thread size. I made one using 4ply thread & it’s ok I THOUGHT til I made this one. It’s oh so pretty & it fits really well. Great beginners prodjects , and you can make so many colour variants & verigated colour threads too.

So I’m going back to my hair pun lace loom now :)

Hope this has found you well. Please like this post if you found it interesting at all. Thanks :) It’s those likes that keep up the free patterns & links to all the up to the minute trends & what not. Also makes ME happy & I blog for myself mainly & if people like it that’s awesome reward.

Hi guys, Been tat tat tatting away!! Oh I’m soooo in love with tatting! I love the thread, the needles & how you can modernise it. It’s oh so vintage & elegant but with today’s colours quite magnificent. I have a HUGE order of threads, different sizes ., and 2 shuttles! * gasp! The thought of using shuttles makes me shudder, but I’m realising that MOST patterns and tuts are for shuttles & it just interests me to see if I can do it. The shuttles are so pretty too. The ones I’m getting are just cheap shit but until I know I want to shuttle tat as aposed to needle tat I’m not going to buying bone & mother of pearl shuttles just yet ;) I only started in the last 2 weeks. I’ve made 20 pairs of flower earrings. And 3 or 4 pairs of some other earrings .. Tutorial by O.V.W. on youtube or Marcelle on Facebook. I’ll put links to that stuff on next post as this is about my ah ha moment & the accidental tea pot lid decorator! So I wanted to know how to 2 colour needle tat. There is ONE video out there showing it .. And she goes SO FAST it’s ridiculous and explains it REALLY FAST .. It was SOOO frustrating cause it looked so simple. It was bending my mind intensely. After 2 days of DUH moments I had my “ah ha ” moment! And I did it!! So please that I just DID NOT give up. I was just going to wait til someone did another on YouTube but then I got home the other day & just looked at my iPad & said ” come on girl just watch it one more time” and ghat was it. How rewarding. I’ll put the link for 2 colour tatting in here since I’m taking about it & like I said I’ll put links to the earrings & other things Ive made that are worth having a go in my next post. 2 colour tatting tutorial, like I said REALLY FAST! So if you’ve not tatted before this would just hurt your brain. Ill put links on how to get started on needle tatting in next post ;)

2 colour needle tatting: Btw this woman is a genius.Her blog is really interesting. And she had certainly made tatting more modern, but kept the vintage spirit alive by doing gothic /Victorian style designs.

So as you can see in the photos, this is what you can make from the wee little tutorial in 2 colour needle tatting. And I noticed it fits perfectly over almost any teapot lid. It looks so pretty, you could make colours for specific tea pots etc.
I can’t wait to have tea lunch with someone soon & see if they like :)
I love it! I love accidental things like this.

If you made it this far you, you’ve done really well haha ;)

Ok, hope this finds everyone well


Check out these cute mini skeins by Stephanie Dosen, each one produces a ‘hexa puff’! Knitted together they make for a really lovely quilt! For pattern, see tiny owl knits. <3

Another rare re-blog .. What is this hexa puff thing!!??? I looooove it!!! *gasp here comes some more yarn .. Oh it’s gone beyond insane now lmao … *sigh $$$$

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Hello again!

Crappy photos I know.. No light at all today (winter here) But I’m just trying to get posts done! So neeerrr anyone who sneers at them :p

Here is the BEST daffodil pattern I’ve ever seen. Of course Lucy from attic24 made it for us (well herself) and is kind enough to give us a tut on how to make them.
As always she uses cotton here and it definitely looks better than mine. I’m going to try some in bamboo but they will be floppy so might have to PVA the back .. Aaanyway.

Here is the link straight to the pattern but I HIGHLY suggest taking a look around the attic … If you haven’t already. Think about donating a cup of coffee to her if you get something out of it. I think people think she’s rich and just does this because. But she does it out of love. And she just cant help herself but share. I admire that so much.

Daffodil pattern/tut,


Her photo tuts are like no other. They cover EVERYTHING.

So mine need some blocking because I keep wearing them the petals are curling. Hehe. I just wanted to show you guys. Also there is a photo of the back .. See how neat everything is? Man she makes good patterns.
The trumpet part of the flower can be fiddly at first go but once you’ve done it you’ll be making more i assure you :)

THANKS LUCY!!! Thankyou for giving me a blog that is SO engaging.

You can go back through the archives and read and see in great detail all her adventures. Lucy lives in THE MOST incredible place. I mean seriously!? It’s like feary land.
It’s a bit like that here, just no canals.

K, that’s it
Get hooked!
Enjoy! xx

CLUSTER CLUTCH!! .. See what I did there?

Ok so I didn’t keep my promise. I’m the first to admit that blogging got very time consuming & I didn’t do what I promised some of you. So Apolagies for that.

I have however been very busy crocheting. And .. DESIGNING!! Had my first little go on some small things .. Now I’m designing a shawl!
Which may turn into a blanket.

Now on with the cluster stitch bag, pattern brought to us by the none other than BobWilson123 or Clare some of you may know her as.
She is up there in the top 3 best crochet Tutorialist’s. Search for her channel on YouTube, whether you’re a beginner or advanced you’ll find a pattern that you simply must do.
For beginners she is fantastic!! The way she explains everything in a very casual & not snooty way. She’s an Aussie like myself & has a very soothing voice.. A lot of people say these things not just me.

So the bag is easy peasy, bit hard on the hands cause it’s 2 strands if you want the stiffness. You can make as little or as big as you like. Mine is bigger than hers .. I thought I’d be tricky .. Oh man the amount of stitching and unraveling!!? Trying to get the proportions right and the colours. SOOO worth all the fuss cause I learnt A LOT. Yes sir-ree! Hehe.
Hope you guys have fun with it. Make it your own. As she says “it’s YOUR masterpiece” ;)

So links .. Cause my arthritis in my hands just won’t let me type for very long on my phone now .. And that’s where all the photos are! I’m too lazy to get them on laptop today. But I must get them on there cause it would make doing a couple of blogs a fortnight MUCH simpler. So this is a short review/blog

K, clutch bag tut on YouTube can be found here :

Bobwilson123’s website .. Just new and it’s fab! Practical not necessarily pretty. But you’ll have fun going through all her patterns there. A lot of them have video tuts.


Happy hooking!!!

Just wanted to show off my “Knitting Nubbin”! Santuary fans will know what a Nubbin is. I don’t really know how this little diorama of sorts. I made the mushroom first, with the lid and thought I could keep something in there. Then I made a little creature .. Which was meant to be a bunny .. But no matter how many times I did the pattern this is how it came out!? Anyway I put the punk in the ears and he just came to life .. Then pin heads for eyes .. Yes where there is a will there is a way! Lol, I’m always doing prodjects without the right things so I’m forever making things out of other things! Sometimes it works .. Others don’t. 

Then another day I was rolling a little felt ball to see if this yarn would felt, and the little ball was so cute I immediately had to make something of it. So I made a knitting ball & needles .. Again from pins with the sharp end snipped off .. Still deadly sharp though .. Eek!

He is actually sitting on a circle stitched into the mushroom made from a yarn called fuzzy wuzzy .. I know how cute?
So I wanted it to look like miss and or grass. I set the cat brush on the wee little circle to fuzz it even more. 
Now it’s all glued and stitched together.
So a slow evolving prodjects that I had no intention of doing .. I love that!

So here he is my “knitting Nubbin” :)


Wow skeleton leaves really CAN be emulated!!  I always wondered how crafts people had SO MANY!? How could they possibly FIND this many!? Lol now I know.

This is my first go ever. And I know what to do next time to get them totally skeletonised. When they are hot wet and mushy it can be hard to tell if they’re done or not. And the scraping with paintbrush or toothbrush can just rip it. So anyway .. These are my first goes. Have a go yourself. You’ll find a zillion ways. It’s terrible I cannot find where I got mine but I’ve got the Measurments .
3/4 cup of washing powder to 2 cups of water. Pop leaves in, waxed based leaves like Magnolia,camellia (takes longer but produces beautiful leaf), may bush,maple leaves & oak leaves for example. Bring to the boil. Then simmer the crap out of them for 1hr 75mim. I checked every 20mins. One leaf was ready after 2-3 20 min sessions, the others took couple of hours. It will look horrid .. Never mind that. Oh and yes it cleans out of saucepan just fine with a couple of swishes of a scrubber.

Now be mindful of water running dry. Just top it up a cup when it’s running dry … Ie: the leaves are more sitting on top of the mixture. You wanna keep them down in that muck ;)

You will begin to see signs of the mushy stuff coming away, don’t be too hasty, but also you can always drop it back in the pot. 

Now have a glass dish with cold water so when you think one is ready or all, pour into cold water, let them sit for a sec.
Then take one over to some paper towl and gradually start scraping the leaf away. I tryed to follow the grain of the veins, this helped a lot. So leaves may just skeletonise and you might only have to scrape a little, others more. Some I practically had to scrape all of it. That was the camellia. The camellia was interesting because you could see the leaf puckering away. Mush like when you roast peppers or tomato .. The outer skin puckers for you to pull away (if that’s what recipe calls for). So even though the camellia LOOKED like the skin would come right I kept on simmering. 

So that should get you going??
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while .. Yeah I know you all miss me :P But I assure you I have a billion things to post. That’s probably overwhelming me so ill just start from first to now on crochet projects maybe .. Aaanyway, long way to say keep your peepers on this space occasionally :)

Enjoy! Go forth and do some alchemy and chemistry!! Skeleton leaves are all the rage ;)

Hi guys .. Oh I have been so busy!! I’ve GOT to fit in more blogs! So much I’ve been seeing and doing I want to share. Here are 2 great tutorials. One is a decoration, it could be a dust cloth (if you just made it simple & not 2 tone like I did with the one in the photo) or a hot pot holder, brooch, hair flower and more! Brought to you by: crochet geek of course! If you haven’t come across her well this will be a treat! She has zillions of great tutorials. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AzIDzRmDtz0 The other is an oldy but a goodie & so is the tutorial. Crochet beads, or balls. As you can see in my photo im burinlding up a few. I did a large one in really chunky wool .. Its divine. Makes great juggling balls if you weight them. You can of course make jewlery & use it for amigurumi. Here is the link for the crochet bead tut: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j2tpT6aRuOk Now the beads can be done any size, depends on your hook & yarn. I did really small using crochet thread and a 1.5mm all the way to chunky yarn and a 7mm hook. They all look great. Just make sure you do 8 rows every time ;) Also bamboo 8ply is just beautiful. Comes up a treat ;)

Enjoy! Promise ill post more. I have a bunch of great crochet earrings to share! Seriously cool stuff :)
ADDED: ok tried to do this on phone & it’s screwed up the links .. I’ll fix right away! Sorry! Eek! Ok .. Wow it took quite a bit to fix .. If it even IS fixed!? Due to developers trying to make web pages work better on our devices it seems it’s making it harder to share link.. *sigh much to my dismay as I like to do it all on my iPhone or iPad .. Unless its a big blog with loads of photo’s and story line etc .. Then it’s ‘let’s break out the laptop time!’ ;) …. So let’s see if this worked … Yup it did .. Hurray!!! :p Enjoy!