So at Christmas i made this Tea cup, complete with tea bag and tea! and a donut to go with it for Mum and Dad, i had it all planned out to have it sitting out on the coffee table right next to the tree all laid out like a tea set with some lacy doily/coaster things i made (granny gerties flower look it up on rav, beautiful vintage pattern). I felt like a kid again .. but it felt better cause i had MADE everything. Not gone and bought more STUFF for them, that they may or may not need! So anyway here it is!

I have alot of photo’s of the project as i knew it would be all the way back at mum and dads in Sydney. So these are just the photo’s i used on rav for my WIP photo’s and i thought rather than going MENTLE looking through a hundred photo’s and trying to pick the best ones ill just post these … and try to deal with the fact that these photo’s might not show it off exactly as i’d like. For instance the actual tea or coffee how ever you see it, should be flat not bulging up. I DID fix that but i dont know if i have a photo of that. ;)

You can find the tutorial for both on youtube!

GO here for tea cup:

and here for donut:

and i just happened to find a TEENY TINY version for the donut for those interested in going micro! its so freaking CUTE! I know what im making tomorrow! :D



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