ash oh nice to have some time to post! I finished off my “citrus” or “Juice” cell phone cosy for iPhone 4. I posted ages ago the others. As i said in that post, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a cosy you love but in ALL the different moods and seasons you FEEL?

Well I’m trying to do that. So thus far there is (Pink & Grey) “Gala” as in the pink and grey Gala or cockatoo and the red one is “Into the night or “red & black every time ” and now for “Citrus ” or “Juice”! its a rather sunny one and evokes these feeling for me anyway ;)

Hope you are all well, and again I’m sorry i haven’t been on as much. I am helping my partner with his next semester, which is all about gaming! So this give me the excuse i needed get some Zelda time and order and Chaos on iPad/iphone .. but i have to stop cause i feel like I’m coming out the crochet funk and general funk I’ve been in.

Like they say there is nothing better to cure a crochet funk than to go to unfinished monsters in the closet and pick the easiest one and FINISH it .. i chose the cell phone .. very easy, not so much on your hands though cause of the 2 strands of yarn! But its done and i LOVE it! Ive had these weird buttons for ages and finally found something they look ok on. I mean i would rather have chosen another but I’m trying to be thrifty so i use what i have! Till next yarn/button buy up! :D

So if anyone likes these i can make one for you or you can have the pattern. it is a very structural cosy that the phone just slides in perfectly and the 2 strands and the HDC give great protection from dropping etc.

Enjoy! x

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