I FINALLY sat down to learn Tunisian crochet! I LOVE the simple stitch ( TSS ), i love the woven look and the fact that you can then weave other colours in! I first saw this idea in one of Loani Prior’s books “Wild Tea Cosy’s” and “REALLY Wild Tea Cosy’s” a third has come out but i have not yet checked it out.But this weaving looked SO GOOD.

If you are a crafty person you MUST know about this woman. I did posts on her waaaaay back at the beginning of my blog. I am going to re-blog some really old blogs and freshen them up a bit. People,places and yarns and pattern reviews and loads of links etc. Cant wait to do that for you :)

So the Tunisian crochet is FABULOUS! A couple of tips, make sure (if you do not have a double ended or Tunisian hook) that you can HOLD the amount of stitches you want to do! So you need to make sure that X amount of chains will SQUISH on the hook.

Crochet very loosely .. this i find is one of the upsides of Tunisian! I have/get very sore hands, so loosy goosy is fine by me! ;)

Obviously you need a hook that has no hand grip. Just the plain old steel hooks. You can get em SO cheap but i always recommend putting a LITTLE bit of money into your hooks cause a hook means you can crochet up till your dying day and your hands won’t be mangled from years of stitching!! And of course the longer the better. Tunisian hook is the ultimate, and they are widely available now. There is also a Tunisian Flex hook i keep hearing about for doing BIG projects. I have added one of those to my Birthday wish list hehe.

I use, and it is recomended that you use a larger hook than you normally would.

My swatches were 10ply with a 7mm hook. if it was 8ply i would use a 5.5-6mm hook.

Another thing is that your work will CURL! Like, badly! and this is normal they say. You MUST block afterward. If its a slouchy thing maybe not but for straight lines and just general SHAPE, you’d need to block for sure. I blocked 1 of my swatches and it took but there is one stubborn corner, so i will use the steam iron and block and see if that does the trick. Depends on your yarn and what you’re making of course.

Also, with Tunisian, Simple Stitch it is not an issue, but Purl and Knit Stitch can be VERY think. Obviously it depends on your yarn and hook size, but its mainly the stitch. So Simple stitch is just like a swatch done is sc, then Purl actually gives you thickness toward the front, because of all the pearly stitches. The Knit stitch on the other hand in SO bulky but at the back. SO if you try these three stitches and your work is curling and or you start to see the bulk build up . ITS NORMAL and your doing the right thing :D

So here is a list of links the learn all three stitches in the photos above. If you are a crocheter and ALSO knit, you’ll find this very easy. But basically if you’ve got sc and dc and treble’s down pat you should have a problem learning this different way to crochet. Just be ready cause its not what you are used to. the only similarity is the phrase “Yarn Over!” lol!

How to cast on and start Tunisian Simple Stitch ( TSS );


For the KNIT stitch, which is a little harder than simple, but nothing you won’t be able to figure out ;) Im adding 2 vids/tuts, cause both these gals have GREAT beginner tutorials and great tips. Thats the other i was going to say, is these girls give some REALLY useful tips for the Tunisian crochet style, like where they put their finger for PURL stitch is SUCH a good tip, then you dint struggle at all pulling through. You’ll see what i mean ;)



and for PURL stitch, I’ve given 2 videos cause one i found confusing and the other cleared it up. I think watching both for pearl (being the slightly harder stitch) would be good.



Oh and when you want to bind off or cast off, you just slip stitch all the loops off .. i just naturally did that and hoped that it was correct!

Slip stitch bind off;


Single crochet bind off:



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