A look at Mollie Flowers! .. they might not be fancy but they are very useful and cute!

Well this has been quite a journey these Mollie flowers! I have this Doll which i bought after i lost my darling black cat to bowl cancer one Christmas and this doll reminds me of him.


Well on this said doll is a flower which i assumed was done on a loom since all puff flowers ive done and seen did not look like this one at all. Certainly not with the puffy centre…Ive ALWAYS wanted to make this!


Im making some things for my Mum’s Birthday on the 22nd, and id like a flower on one of the items (she may be reading this so im being very covert operation Mum’s the word :P ).

So i did some looking through old patterns etc & couldn’t find what i wanted, and then i just wanted the flower on this doll so bad .. i pulled the flower back far enough to see behind it but not enough to break the glue and WA-LAH! It IS a crocheted flower! I could see chains one the back much like a puff flower i once did .. didn’t like those ones though, and i found it VERY hard to pull through all the loops, and then even if i did it didn’t look neat at all because i had so much trouble getting them off the hook.

So i went to youtube to look back at some puff flower tutorials but they just weren’t the same … then i saw in comments someone mentioned a Mollie Flower. And i just KNEW that it was what i was looking for(or at the very least another flower i had perhaps not done before)! .. without the puffy centre though .. but still so lucky i READ the comments before i myself comment ;)

I immediately googled it and clicked images … there was KINDA the flower i was looking for. But none the less a great new flower to try, especially since they can be joined for a rug or pillow or clothes even. They make great buttons too! I’m going to make one for a iPhone pocket range I’m doing .. I’m going to test it out as a button because it could potentially be REALLY annoying to pull the loop on and off it .. have to check these things .. might .. or shall i say WILL look great but gotta know its going to be practical for something as used as a phone case.











So i did one from this FABULOUS tutorial by Roman Sock. Clear SHARP photo’s of every step. From the magic ring all the way to joining them together. If you are a beginner i advise trying the puff flower youtube link I’ve put down below. Then try a Mollie. (Depends .. some beginners you could swear they must have been a crocheter in a past life cause they pick it up so quick .. and from DIAGRAMS?? lol! That was my BIG problem, i could NOT learn from them. Now i’m not a beginner I’m always impressed with myself if i can learn from a diagram haha!) But this flower is very good for a beginner, i just wish there was a vid tut out there .. again  .. maybe ill do one!?

Great blog, many free pattern and help with making your own designs, and inspiring blog. You will find the down loadable PDF here .. Roman Sock: MOLLIE FLOWER TUTORIAL HERE>


There is no tutorial as yet on youtube(I’ve been meaning to do one maybe the mollie will be it)  .. not that i can find anyway. But if you’ve done puff stitches you’ll understand, and if you’ve done puff flowers you’ll be even closer to understanding what the Mollie calls for. here is a link to the PUFF FLOWER NOT THE MOLLIE FLOWER.. just to help any beginners that might look at the Mollie pattern be like Whaaa? > PUFF FLOWER TUTORIAL NOT MOLLIE:


Just the most FAB lil flowers the Mollie flower. So many colour possibilities. Thats one thing that DOES appeal to me is being able to do a different colour centre, let alone if you want to do a puffy centre it looks best in contrasting colour.

I realised the only difference between the Mollie and that of the one on my doll was that the doll one had a puffy centre .. so ive been experimenting, parting the flower delicately to see how theyve done it .. i think i kind of got it .. you can see my Mollie with puffy centre in the photo’s. Ive only done the one so far, ill give it another whirl today or tomorrow. The puff in the centre needs to be smaller.



Im getting better at them now. The pink and orange colour way is one of my FAVOURITE wools. To work with too .. just beautiful. Its Shepard “Colour for me” 8ply Colour: 4981. It made beautiful puffy full loops. These photo’s are TERRIBLE! Trust me they are GORG in person .. just got no light to work with today, its a VERY dark grey day. Yesterday how ever was SO AMAZING! YAY Spring :D

Now Ive made a few since last night … and its one of those patterns you can’t stop making!!!

I see a throw of Mollie flowers in my near future. They join beautifully if you follow the instructions .. but you could also wing it. There is a web of chains on the WS (the back) which you could loosely bring them together like a flowery/lacy web or as shown tightly woven in together to get a thick structural piece of cloth or Pelt.

So if you’re bored or want a new project check out my links. Or just just google or search  youtube for Mollie Flowers.

Ive included some photo’s of some i found online, and photo’s that are obviously mine cause of the fact they were taken on a phone ;)

I would like to know the history of Mollie flowers and how they came to be and how they came to be “Mollie” flowers. I cant seem to find anything History wise. So if anyone does let me know please :) I’ll credit you with a link to your blog when i write about it.

If you have any trouble with your Mollie flower contact the producer of the pattern/tutorial or id be willing to help out too ;)


Just REMEMBER yarn over COUNTS as a LOOP!!! Keep that hook pulled up as high as your initial chains and you cant go wrong. Thats what i LOVE about this pattern .. it makes perfect loops. i made one with 15 loops and it was EEEEAASSY to pull through all those loops. I NEVER used to be able to but because this pattern has been very well thought out you just pull a loop to the height of your initial chains and yarn over keeping yr hook in that position and go back into same stitch and pull up a loop again as high as it will allow you once yu’ve done a loop or two, and then yarning over creating another loop .. etc untill you have the pattern or desired amount of loops. 

So make your as puffy or not puffy as you want. Your yarn/wool will make a difference too. Some wool/yarn will really hold the loops well and PUFF well, i find wool does this well. But your cheap acrylic will do the job too, it’ll just be a little stiffer, which is useful for some things like rings and or hair accessories.

Experiment .. perhaps the yarn your using could do with more loops, or LESS you never know. I found i like just a few more than 9, which is what the pattern calls for. I do 12-14.

make sure when you secure the loop as stated, try to put the securing chain at the back, behind the loops. It will should naturally go there anyway, but if you know where and why that chain is called for there it can help with your first one. Once you’ve made one and understand its structure .. YOU”RE OFF! weeeeeeee!


Cas x

Take a look at this fabulous Mollie Flower coin Purse!



Just a great link .. SO inspiring!: