CLUSTER CLUTCH!! .. See what I did there?

Ok so I didn’t keep my promise. I’m the first to admit that blogging got very time consuming & I didn’t do what I promised some of you. So Apolagies for that.

I have however been very busy crocheting. And .. DESIGNING!! Had my first little go on some small things .. Now I’m designing a shawl!
Which may turn into a blanket.

Now on with the cluster stitch bag, pattern brought to us by the none other than BobWilson123 or Clare some of you may know her as.
She is up there in the top 3 best crochet Tutorialist’s. Search for her channel on YouTube, whether you’re a beginner or advanced you’ll find a pattern that you simply must do.
For beginners she is fantastic!! The way she explains everything in a very casual & not snooty way. She’s an Aussie like myself & has a very soothing voice.. A lot of people say these things not just me.

So the bag is easy peasy, bit hard on the hands cause it’s 2 strands if you want the stiffness. You can make as little or as big as you like. Mine is bigger than hers .. I thought I’d be tricky .. Oh man the amount of stitching and unraveling!!? Trying to get the proportions right and the colours. SOOO worth all the fuss cause I learnt A LOT. Yes sir-ree! Hehe.
Hope you guys have fun with it. Make it your own. As she says “it’s YOUR masterpiece” ;)

So links .. Cause my arthritis in my hands just won’t let me type for very long on my phone now .. And that’s where all the photos are! I’m too lazy to get them on laptop today. But I must get them on there cause it would make doing a couple of blogs a fortnight MUCH simpler. So this is a short review/blog

K, clutch bag tut on YouTube can be found here :

Bobwilson123’s website .. Just new and it’s fab! Practical not necessarily pretty. But you’ll have fun going through all her patterns there. A lot of them have video tuts.

Happy hooking!!!

So here is story about how this cute lil turtle came to be.

So it’s the day before my partners birthday & I’m scrolling through patterns sitting at my new dining table/area. Oil burner has these new melts I got called passion .. I’m addicted.
And then I found this list of amigurumi patterns & general cute stuff .. Looked over at some of my new yarn I’ve bought, thought the new bright blue with pastel blue could be nice and oh I could make it for him!! So I knew it was going to be a long but fun day of making this lil guy. 
When I finished the shell I wax so excited at seeing it come together a bit.
Anyway the long and the short of it is I worked from 11am-4pm and then late that night sewed it all together & wrapped it. The turtle has a special meaning for us so I knew he’d like it a bit. But he really loves it :) yay!
I gave him his other pressie .. Bloke soap & some other things and a book on get away places, art studios and room inspiration & architecture. He loved that too. More than I expected. So all round good day. We went on a yummy walk, eating Weiss bars at our leisure.

Pattern can be found here

Big list of FREE patterns. The turtle is a couple down ;)

Hi guys :D

Ok, so its been really rainy and dark .. with SOME spring sunny days smattered around.

Making it VERY hard to take photo’s!! I could get all fancy and get my lights out but i know as soon as i do the rain period will pass! :P 

So apologies for dark photo’s!

So, ive been in doors and STILL haven’t made myself go into town and do the yarn buy up i so desperately need, i had to find SOMETHING to crochet that would go with colours i have and be satisfying and NOT a flower .. (there are so many freaking crocheted flowers in this house its getting a bit nuts lol) .. and i suddenly remembered these flowers i did once in red and green and remembered how much like a strawberry they looked .. SO .. then i did a web search, well Siri did ;) I went through a bunch of strawberry patterns and i think this one is best. Gave it whirl and now i cannot stop making them. Takes about 1hr from start to stuffing and weaving in ends and sewing the leaves on top .. faster crocheters who are also used to working on small scale might do it in 40mins.

SO here is the link, this whole blog/site has zillions of free patterns. A great food pattern list, and much much more. SOme of you are probably already familiar to this site:

this goes straight to the Strawberry pattern:

and this is the site itself:

Please visit! Its an Aussie site (like me) and it is DEFINITELY worth popping over :)


Peace everybody! x

ADDED: now in the pattern is not clear how to do the leaves. if you read down the comments you’ll see someone clear it up but its:

4 chains then do HALF a double treble, so yarn around twice into stitch yarn over pull up a loop then yarn over 2 loops off, then yarn over and another 2 off (now 2 loops on hook), then leaving the last loop on so you have 2 loops on hook do this again, then you’ll have three loops on hook, 1 from 4chain, 1 from 1st double treble and 1 from 2nd double treble, pull ALL three loops off. Then you do your picot point by chaining 2 and then slip stitching back into 2nd chain from the hook and back to chain four into next stitch to start all over again, to get 6 leaves :) I hope that helps.

I coudn’t understand what she had written. She had a trc dec written where as like me other commented saying that must be a typo or what ever. But this clears things up.

If you’re a beginner, the leaves are basically a form of a cluster. If you follow the pattern and advice from myself and the other commenter, you’ll be fine ;) Once you get 1 right you’ll love it! and you’ve learnt a new stitch :D

Great free flower pattern!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the long hiatus! 

I found this blog that has handy 10 free flower patterns:

I did this flower so far .. The Picot flower. As you can see or if you’re a beginner, the picots are the pointy tips of the yellow layer. Very easy to do. FOr HER picot she wants 3chains and then sl stitch back into the first chain & continue… seems weird when you first do it but you will see how it makes a lovely point. Great for leaves and flowers and edging blankets etc.


She is soooo pretty! And soooo easy you can whip these out in 10-20 mins including darning. Someone made a shawl out of them! I just love them as brooches,hair elastic,hair comb or pin, bracelet .. and shawl would be GOOORGEOUS!

here is another i made, thinking the pure wool would look great but it just doesnt hold the shape like acrylic and or cotton ;)

As you can see its a bit wonky etc … it DOES feel nice however being in pure wool. But we want STRUCTURE!! :)

Here are a couple more photo’s,just so you can see the lovely height you get! ..

and 1 more …

Now! what i LOVE about these is not only so easy for great effect, but you can shape the centre flower more like a trumpet flower, like a daffodil .. i LOVE that! ( i SO should have popped a photo in of that!) So you could totally make daffy’s using this pattern, or have them flat. They are quite 3 dimensional. Just lovely design, well done to the designer!

So the link to all 10 free flower patterns is here and you can EASILY find the one you want and go from there


A look at Mollie Flowers! .. they might not be fancy but they are very useful and cute!

Well this has been quite a journey these Mollie flowers! I have this Doll which i bought after i lost my darling black cat to bowl cancer one Christmas and this doll reminds me of him.


Well on this said doll is a flower which i assumed was done on a loom since all puff flowers ive done and seen did not look like this one at all. Certainly not with the puffy centre…Ive ALWAYS wanted to make this!


Im making some things for my Mum’s Birthday on the 22nd, and id like a flower on one of the items (she may be reading this so im being very covert operation Mum’s the word :P ).

So i did some looking through old patterns etc & couldn’t find what i wanted, and then i just wanted the flower on this doll so bad .. i pulled the flower back far enough to see behind it but not enough to break the glue and WA-LAH! It IS a crocheted flower! I could see chains one the back much like a puff flower i once did .. didn’t like those ones though, and i found it VERY hard to pull through all the loops, and then even if i did it didn’t look neat at all because i had so much trouble getting them off the hook.

So i went to youtube to look back at some puff flower tutorials but they just weren’t the same … then i saw in comments someone mentioned a Mollie Flower. And i just KNEW that it was what i was looking for(or at the very least another flower i had perhaps not done before)! .. without the puffy centre though .. but still so lucky i READ the comments before i myself comment ;)

I immediately googled it and clicked images … there was KINDA the flower i was looking for. But none the less a great new flower to try, especially since they can be joined for a rug or pillow or clothes even. They make great buttons too! I’m going to make one for a iPhone pocket range I’m doing .. I’m going to test it out as a button because it could potentially be REALLY annoying to pull the loop on and off it .. have to check these things .. might .. or shall i say WILL look great but gotta know its going to be practical for something as used as a phone case.











So i did one from this FABULOUS tutorial by Roman Sock. Clear SHARP photo’s of every step. From the magic ring all the way to joining them together. If you are a beginner i advise trying the puff flower youtube link I’ve put down below. Then try a Mollie. (Depends .. some beginners you could swear they must have been a crocheter in a past life cause they pick it up so quick .. and from DIAGRAMS?? lol! That was my BIG problem, i could NOT learn from them. Now i’m not a beginner I’m always impressed with myself if i can learn from a diagram haha!) But this flower is very good for a beginner, i just wish there was a vid tut out there .. again  .. maybe ill do one!?

Great blog, many free pattern and help with making your own designs, and inspiring blog. You will find the down loadable PDF here .. Roman Sock: MOLLIE FLOWER TUTORIAL HERE>

There is no tutorial as yet on youtube(I’ve been meaning to do one maybe the mollie will be it)  .. not that i can find anyway. But if you’ve done puff stitches you’ll understand, and if you’ve done puff flowers you’ll be even closer to understanding what the Mollie calls for. here is a link to the PUFF FLOWER NOT THE MOLLIE FLOWER.. just to help any beginners that might look at the Mollie pattern be like Whaaa? > PUFF FLOWER TUTORIAL NOT MOLLIE:

Just the most FAB lil flowers the Mollie flower. So many colour possibilities. Thats one thing that DOES appeal to me is being able to do a different colour centre, let alone if you want to do a puffy centre it looks best in contrasting colour.

I realised the only difference between the Mollie and that of the one on my doll was that the doll one had a puffy centre .. so ive been experimenting, parting the flower delicately to see how theyve done it .. i think i kind of got it .. you can see my Mollie with puffy centre in the photo’s. Ive only done the one so far, ill give it another whirl today or tomorrow. The puff in the centre needs to be smaller.



Im getting better at them now. The pink and orange colour way is one of my FAVOURITE wools. To work with too .. just beautiful. Its Shepard “Colour for me” 8ply Colour: 4981. It made beautiful puffy full loops. These photo’s are TERRIBLE! Trust me they are GORG in person .. just got no light to work with today, its a VERY dark grey day. Yesterday how ever was SO AMAZING! YAY Spring :D

Now Ive made a few since last night … and its one of those patterns you can’t stop making!!!

I see a throw of Mollie flowers in my near future. They join beautifully if you follow the instructions .. but you could also wing it. There is a web of chains on the WS (the back) which you could loosely bring them together like a flowery/lacy web or as shown tightly woven in together to get a thick structural piece of cloth or Pelt.

So if you’re bored or want a new project check out my links. Or just just google or search  youtube for Mollie Flowers.

Ive included some photo’s of some i found online, and photo’s that are obviously mine cause of the fact they were taken on a phone ;)

I would like to know the history of Mollie flowers and how they came to be and how they came to be “Mollie” flowers. I cant seem to find anything History wise. So if anyone does let me know please :) I’ll credit you with a link to your blog when i write about it.

If you have any trouble with your Mollie flower contact the producer of the pattern/tutorial or id be willing to help out too ;)


Just REMEMBER yarn over COUNTS as a LOOP!!! Keep that hook pulled up as high as your initial chains and you cant go wrong. Thats what i LOVE about this pattern .. it makes perfect loops. i made one with 15 loops and it was EEEEAASSY to pull through all those loops. I NEVER used to be able to but because this pattern has been very well thought out you just pull a loop to the height of your initial chains and yarn over keeping yr hook in that position and go back into same stitch and pull up a loop again as high as it will allow you once yu’ve done a loop or two, and then yarning over creating another loop .. etc untill you have the pattern or desired amount of loops. 

So make your as puffy or not puffy as you want. Your yarn/wool will make a difference too. Some wool/yarn will really hold the loops well and PUFF well, i find wool does this well. But your cheap acrylic will do the job too, it’ll just be a little stiffer, which is useful for some things like rings and or hair accessories.

Experiment .. perhaps the yarn your using could do with more loops, or LESS you never know. I found i like just a few more than 9, which is what the pattern calls for. I do 12-14.

make sure when you secure the loop as stated, try to put the securing chain at the back, behind the loops. It will should naturally go there anyway, but if you know where and why that chain is called for there it can help with your first one. Once you’ve made one and understand its structure .. YOU”RE OFF! weeeeeeee!


Cas x

Take a look at this fabulous Mollie Flower coin Purse!

Just a great link .. SO inspiring!:



This year has been off to an amazing start — I’ve been more busy than I have ever been before, but I’ve achieved goals that I had previously thought were only wishful dreams.  For example, I am finally starting my own little online shop (it’s still under construction lol), and I JUST published my first amigurumi pattern!!  I’m celebrating this HUGE milestone in my crafting life by giving away lots of FREE STUFF!! :D 

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This giveaway ENDS on Saturday, May 26th, 2012 @ 11:59PM (PST).  Winners will be announced on A Morning Cup of Jo Creations on Sunday! :)


To get a glimpse of my super detailed, super cute Spring Bunny Crochet Pattern, visit me on Craftsy

GOOD LUCK! <3 I can’t wait to see who wins! 

<3 Josephine @ A Morning Cup of Jo Creations

I would call mine Bunny. I know it’s so obvious but my beautiful Grandmother on my Dad’s side’s name was Bunny. And I’ve always loved that as a VERY 1950’s name. It conjours up images of vintage home made things and of course Bunnies! Also my mothers doggie that passed just in January was named Bunny and we all called her Bunza as a nick name. You would clap yr hands singing “GO BUNZA GO BUNZA GO BUNZA!!” and she would run in these HUGE circles SO FUNNY. So for ME the name is significant. And I think I was able to make this gorgeous ami pattern of this bunny I would so proud and therefor proud to call her Bunny. :) Good luck everyone!

ok here is my flower i made :)

I know its not much .. but i had to start SOMEWHERE. I just admire people who create their own patterns, i just can’t get my head around it yet… but its coming!!

Im seeing now that i definitely know ow to change rows heights etc, and now im thinking i should have a go at some three dimensional . I mean i could just take the head of one pattern and the body of another as a start and go from there and then perhaps be more comfortable. The main thing i HAVE to remember is BE PREPARED TO MAKE MISTAKES!!! lol .. i am to much of a perfectionist. (which does make for god stitching)

SO here she is .. she’s quite gawdy but obviously the colours can change that. I intended it to be gawdy.

So as you can see its based on an irish rose, but doesn’t quite look like one.

The middle petals i’d like to see having more of a point, so that it looks more like a double lily opening. So the curled up bits in the middle being the centre of the flower and the two layers being the pointy lily like petals.

I have always been obsessed with flowers, so naturally when i learnt to crochet and i found out you could make flowers that was my thing for a couple of months :)

This is justa simple whip it up before bed flower, and of course a button would look great too. I have added a button to mine but im  not happy with it, so ill post when i decide. 

So if anyone would like me to post pattern, let me know. Enjoy! x

PS: having MORE stuff taken away today, so the crochet room is coming ever closer. :)

Fphdc and bphdc!! Arrghhhh

So done the sole of the said booties, and today got up all inspired to get maybe the body of the bootie done .. Only to find the body is made up of fphdc’s and bphdc’s .. Never done that before!?
So I researched, I watched a tutorial and struggled and unraveled I don’t know how many times! But in the end I GOT IT! And I can see now what the stitch is useful for. I can’t believe this hasn’t come up in other stuff I’ve done. But I’m thinking maybe this alternating of the abides stitches gives you a cable effect, so perhaps it’s used on clothes and baby booties etc .. Therefore I have not done stuff like that. So I’m very proud of myself. I’ve learned 2 new stitches and the first row of them looks great! Woot! I really didn’t think I was gonna get .. I kept doing the stitches and then having a look and it was just jumbled up knots lmao!
Now it’s a nice uniformed back and forth edge. Which now I have to do another round putting each stitch above the next. Ie: fphdc’s on previous fphdc’s and bphdc’s over previous bphdc’s. I hope it works .. I can’t wait till I have some more spare time. Cause I’m SO c,one to doing the crocodile stitch, which is one of my fav’s. So I’m looking forward to her TINY crocodile stitch. If you do the stitch with dc’s like normal you get scales that are too big for 0-2. So she does hdc’s instead.
I want to see how this tiny scale looks! :)

So that’s me in a rather large and rambling nutshell for today :p
I’ll post photos tomorrow if I can get the last round of the body in.

Ok so I bought the pattern!!!! Oh I’m so excited!! This is gonna be a hard one for a beginner, but I’m eager to learn so where there is a will there is a way ;)
It’s full of stitches I’ve never done before. But when I actually looked them up I HAVE done them before just didnt KNOW what the stitch was I was doing is called something .. Arrgh does that make sense? Basically when ive done crocodile stitch before its got all the front and back post stuff but I learnt it from a video and they didn’t specify the stitches… So at first I was like oh dear .. I’ll never be able to do this alone. Then I looked up the stitch,went back to the pattern and had a ah ha moment of oh cool I see that’s how you make the scale/petal/shell stitch! So here’s hoping lol

She suggested I do the adult ones first but they do require ALOT of yarn that I don’t have at the moment. So I have the yarn and it’s basically the same yarn in the photo and it has less of the lesser known stitches and is obviously quicker etc .. But not necessarily easier! But that’s what I’m doing.
I’ll have to get to the yarn store and get some yarn just for the adult ones cause I want a pair for winter .. Only 2 months away! .. My mum might like a pair too :)

So I bought the pattern from Bonita on etsy, she is doing a combo of the baby pattern and the adult pattern for $8us. Pretty good price I think, since these booties are going around the crochet community like wild fire.
I did put a link in 2 posts down I believe .. Just look for the booties further down. There you can find everything about her and all her patterns etc.
Enjoy! x

These deserve a photo all to themselves .. Aren’t they DIVINE!! The pattern is on rav, you can buy it for $5 bit less for us in Aust ;) The pattern description sounds promising, lots of photos and lots of sizes from 0-2 and 5-12! Pretty cool. …. I want a pair for winter so bad lol! I think ALOT of grow ups do cause there are ALOT of pattern variations for larger feet! But they cannot compare to this design. Obviously the yarn here is what just makes it pop, and I happen to have some king cole riot yarn!!! And I LOVE crocodile stitch! :)
If you wan to find them the pattern is here&gt;

And the rest of Bonita’s patterns are here&gt;

Omg Im dying of cuteness!!!!! Enjoy! 
Just about to post some pics of the mini bunting I did last night! Looks awesome ..

These deserve a photo all to themselves .. Aren’t they DIVINE!! The pattern is on rav, you can buy it for $5 bit less for us in Aust ;) The pattern description sounds promising, lots of photos and lots of sizes from 0-2 and 5-12! Pretty cool. …. I want a pair for winter so bad lol! I think ALOT of grow ups do cause there are ALOT of pattern variations for larger feet! But they cannot compare to this design. Obviously the yarn here is what just makes it pop, and I happen to have some king cole riot yarn!!! And I LOVE crocodile stitch! :)
If you wan to find them

the pattern is here> And the rest of Bonita’s patterns are here> Omg Im dying of cuteness!!!!! Enjoy! Just about to post some pics of the mini bunting I did last night! Looks awesome ..